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Take control of your multiple offers on your website with ease!

Croct is a game-changing platform for businesses looking to offer personalized website experiences at scale.

Different types of communication for clients and leads

What challenges are you facing in your sales campaigns?

With Croct, you can create personalized experiences that bring value to your customers and benefit your business:
  • Geomarketing

    Does your marketing strategy require different offers for specific regions or cities efficiently? Personalize your website based on the user's location.

  • Customer vs. lead

    Do your customer target campaigns require tailored communication across all touchpoints? Segment customers from leads to personalize your communication.

  • Returning users

    Users usually don't convert on the first visit. But what do they see when they hit your homepage later? Avoid bounces. Start showing them the same offer they visualize on ads.

A man showing different experiences for News Yorkers, News Customers and Returning Users


"The most undeniable result you can see using Croct is the conversion increase (we reached values that, without this kind of tool, would be very hard to reach). But besides that, Croct and its team help you see your users' journey in a new, more detailed way, allowing you to provide them with a better experience."
What our customers say

Orchestrate multiple personalized journeys

Differentiate new visitors, returning visitors, and customers. Show different versions of your website with tailored messages to different users in real time.
Different approaches for news users and returning users

1. Select your target audience

Define your criteria in plain English, like user is returning or campaign's name matches "remarketing". We provide both native and external segmentation variables that encompass the whole user journey.
Audience example

2. Define what to personalize

Select the website area you wish to personalize. It can be the home banner, the pricing page, the top bar, a form, an exit intent pop-up, etc.
Slots example

3. AB test multiple versions

Discover which variant brings the best result and make the winning experience standard — without requiring code adjustments and deploys after finishing every experiment.
Description example

4. Specify the personalized content

Define the personalized content for each audience — copy, image, video, link, form fields, etc. Check out the preview to ensure you’re good to go and hit publish!
PMS's content example

Focus on the real goal

We ensure the best website performance so you can concentrate on creating the unique experiences your users want.
  • Flicker-free

    FOOC (Flash of Original Content) is when an original page is briefly displayed before the alternative during an AB test or personalization. It can damage your reputation and decrease conversion.

  • Unbreakable website

    Your marketing team will have complete autonomy to personalize the website, as our exclusive automatic versioning mechanism ensures it will never break.

  • Low latency

    Croct's technology is robust and sophisticated, and we guarantee no impact on the website's performance. We deliver low end-to-end latency at P95, under 90 milliseconds.

We ensure the best website performance with flicker-free, unbreakable website and low latency

Explore the next-generation personalization platform

Marketers need more autonomy to overcome conversion plateaus, while devs need more time to focus on important tasks. Is your company facing dependency on tech teams for small website optimizations? Then Croct is the perfect fit for you.
  • More autonomy

    The interface is simple and intuitive, allowing your team to start delivering personalized experiences in minutes. The content editor makes life easier, and everyone can preview all changes before publishing.

  • Quick implementation

    Implementing is quick and hassle-free. We provide an SDK that makes implementation a breeze and gets the platform up and running in a matter of hours.

  • Focus on dev-experience

    You don't need a senior developer to implement Croct on your website. Our headless CMS was designed with developers in mind, including type-safe libs, custom event tracking, and an abstraction layer to React.

Image showing how the interface is simple and intuitive for marketers

Say hello to the one-to-one personalization era

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