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The next generation of CMS for React

You shouldn't have to compromise when choosing a CMS platform for React. Make everyone happy with the tools the growth team loves: dynamic content, personalization, AB testing, and analytics.

Slot implementation for a banner using React framework

Build your production-ready content API within minutes

Create, personalize, test, and serve your content at scale. Show your marketing team the power of component-based architecture: one-time integration and endless possibilities for experimentation.
Reusable section and components in a home page

Content, personalization, AB testing, and analytics

Besides serving static content, your marketing team can quickly create versions for specific audiences and even run AB tests to unlock the best variation for each user.
Slot implementation with personalized content for each defined audience

Seamless, best-in-class integration with React components

Croct offers free-form customization with your own React components for client-side and server-side rendering applications. Feel free to test our APIs following our implementation examples and customizable template.
Image showing how simple and intuitive the plataform is for marketers


"Implementing Croct on Creditas' website was an important step to personalize and enhance the user experience. It was gratifying to have the agile and helpful support from the entire team. Their efficiency answering questions and solving problems was crucial to overcoming technical challenges, resulting in a successful integration."
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Unbreakable and fault-tolerant CMS solution

We ensure the best website performance so you don't lose sleep:
  • Auto-versioning

    Your marketing team will have complete autonomy to personalize the website, as our exclusive automatic versioning mechanism ensures it will never break.

  • Stable website

    Rest assured your website will never crash, even in the worst scenarios. Ensure the best user experience by setting up a default content.

  • Low latency

    Croct's technology is robust and sophisticated, with no impact on the website's performance. We deliver low end-to-end latency at P95, under 90 milliseconds.

Unbreakable and fault-tolerant CMS solution with auto-versioning, stable website and low latency

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