Convert more with personalization

Deliver a personalized experience to each user to build product awareness and loyalty. Create AB tests in minutes and improve conversions.

Website personalization

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Personalization Management System

Segment, test, personalize.

You should have the autonomy to increase your conversion rate without depending on developers and daily deploys.

  • Audience segmentation

    Segment your audience based on interests, buying behavior, location, and more.

  • AB testing

    Create experiments and test your strategy, offer, or copy for each one of your audiences.

  • Personalization

    Personalize your site's experience and content in minutes and preview it before publishing.

Segment, test and personalize with PMS


React to users' needs in real time

If everyone is unique, why show all users the same content? Enrich users' profiles and create experiences to improve the whole buying journey.

Website personalization

AB Testing

Have the autonomy to experiment with personalization

Discover the highest-converting content by performing segmented AB tests with smaller parts of your audience. Test, test, and test again.

AB testing


Unlock the power of your data

Get the most out of your traffic with our real-time granular dashboards. Keep track of results at each personalized experience level.

Analytics & Dashboards


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Get a complete overview of how you can use the power of personalization to create unique journeys and boost results.

Steps to create a personalized experiece at Croct

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