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E-commerce personalization

Drive profitable ecommerce growth

Boost conversions and increase revenue with a modern, innovative e-commerce strategy by providing personalized shopping experiences to each user.

E-commerce homepage mockup with a dashboard widget and an user profile

Implement in a few hours. Get results in a few days.

You don't have to always rely on developers to create personalization experiments and start converting more. We allow marketers to:
  • Drive more conversions

    Remove friction from the shopper buying process by creating impactful individualized experiences.

  • Prove a clear ROI

    Know exactly which topics drive high-value actions, conversions, and revenue so you save time creating experiences that won't convert.

  • Personalize in a few minutes

    Go live in minutes to personalize more experiences in less time, without dependency on developers.

E-commerce product recommendation for different audiences

Unlock the full potential of your shopper data

Segment your users to drive sales and enhance engagement. You can build audiences according to users' interests, campaign data, location, purchase behavior, and more. The list is endless.
Users' profile and audience segmentation

Continuously optimize shopping experiences

Maximize revenue and conversions by testing your experiences. Find the best-performing personalized content for each audience — without relying on developers.
Product recommentation for e-commerce with AB testing

Personalize any page and any component

Make the most of personalization by making each element of your website as relevant and tailored as possible. Personalize banners, announcement bars, reviews, menus, and much more.
E-commerce home page with three personalized slots

Track results in real-time dashboards

Uncover trends by tracking experiences results with our intuitive dashboards. Demonstrate the impact personalization has on your business using revenue-based, real-time metrics.
E-commerce analytics dashboard

Don't know where to start?

We've created a 5-day email journey with e-commerce personalization ideas that got our clients up to a 39% increase in conversion rates and a 88% increase in ARPU.
Personalization management system demo

Ready to give personalization a go?

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