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Your best alternative for AB testing

Experiment with small elements or the whole user journey. Don’t worry about performance anymore. We’ve got you covered.

AB testing for segmented audience

Go beyond simple AB testing with sophisticated targeting

Eliminate variant overlap and serve tailored and optimized experiments to visitors based on their context: location, device, browsing behavior, interests, custom events, and much more.
Serve tailored and optimized experiences to digital visitors based on custom events, cookie values, business rules, and the context, characteristics, affinity, and interactions of customers.

Optimize user journeys, not just single pages

Don't limit your website testing individual pages or elements and the complexities of ghost URLs. Build, deploy, and test across multiple pages for impactful results.
Multiple page tests example

Preview, share, approve.

Preview, share, and approve your content swiftly before it goes live. Ensure smooth collaboration and align with your existing workflow. Experience content management at its finest.
Content preview

Make better decisions with Bayesian analysis

Leverage Bayesian approach to drive maximum results based on your business needs. Gain meaningful insights to measure the true impact of experiments.
Bayesian dashboard

AB testing at its finest

We ensure the best website performance so you don't lose sleep:
  • Production-ready and flicker-free

    Eliminate flickering with our world-class APIs to maximize website's performance. Take control of optimizations without requiring developers for every winning update.

  • Client- and server-side

    Choose between client-side or server-side (or both). Fine-tune your strategy and optimize your website.

  • Low latency

    Robust and sophisticated technology, with no impact on the website's performance. We deliver low end-to-end latency at P95, under 90 milliseconds.


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